The Harpy Eagle Is So Big…Many Think It’s A Person In A Costume

YouTube / Damon L.

With a wingspan over 7 feet, more than one person has been fooled into thinking a harpy eagle (or a royal eagle, if you’re in Brazil) is a person in a costume. Don’t be fooled – this giant predator is a real, living, breathing bird.

Harpy eagles are both the most powerful, and largest raptors that reside in the rainforest. They are known for preying on monkeys, lizards, sloths, porcupines, and other animals that most predators probably wouldn’t have on the dinner menu.

One of the largest eagles on Earth in terms of wingspan, it’s surprising to hear that harpy eagles only weigh in at around 20 pounds. The fluff of their feathers helps them keep up an intimidating appearance, even though they’re fairly bony birds underneath.

There’s a Reddit thread dedicated to the harpy eagle, and many users think the bird actually looks like a human in a costume due to its size and features.

Another user called Batstrat said, “It looks like a person dressed as an eagle in a kid’s video from the 80s/90s Wee Sing series.”

Due to habitat destruction, it’s estimated that there are fewer than 50,000 harpy eagles left worldwide. It’s important to work to save the rainforests to protect these ferocious giants.

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